Monday, September 15, 2008

The Hollywood Craft Mafia aims to kick out the conventional and to bring the edgier side of crafting to the forefront. This ain't your mama's arts and crafts. From reconstructed, recycled clothing to handmade books and cards, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to domestic apparel, The Hollywood Craft Mafia is on a mission to spread the good news of DYI across the land.

The Hollywood Craft Mafia's members are just as diverse as their product offerings, and the group includes an art teacher turn recycler, a jewelry maker slash print maker, a kitschy sewing costume designer. These crafty individuals have banded together to pool their resources and expertise in spreading the "DYI or Die!" attitude to everyone still buying mass-produced products.

The very first Craft Mafia was formed in Austin, Texas and serves as a model to the almost 50 Craft Mafia organizations worldwide. The Craft Mafia name has been synonomous with indie pride, quality handcrafted wares, and mutual respect for fellow indie business owners. It has provided a forum for sharing ideas and furthering the DIY movement since 2003. Please visit for additional information on the Craft Mafia concept, or to start your own!

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