Thursday, October 9, 2008


Allow me to introduce myself.... LOL

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am the owner of Dragonfly Crafts. You can find me on etsy at I mostly sell notebooks/sketchbooks/notepads, mirrors, pendants, cards, and jewelry. I am not selling jewelry online at the moment (except for the pendants), only in person at craft shows and such. Here are just a few of the items and designs that I sell in my etsy shop. I am always making new things so it is definitely worth it to check things out every so often.

I am the founder of the Hollywood Craft Mafia which was started about 2 years ago now. If you want to know a little more about the Craft Mafia or the Hollywood Craft Mafia, there are these sites: www.hollywoodcraftmafia.comand In the near future we plan on having community events (under the name South Florida's Craft Community Collective) and even a few craft shows here and there. If you are a vendor or just a shopper, add yourself to the email list to get updates of anything in the future.

In my "real" life I am a mother of 3. I have three daughters, ages 5 and 7 months, so my house is a bit high energy, you could say. The three girls plus my step daughter, who is 7 lives with me and my husband and our 3 dogs. AHHHHH!

While keeping up with the demands of motherhood and of Dragonfly Crafts, I am also an Office Manager for the family business, Airport Recycling, and I have some new business ventures in the works. More to come about that a bit later :)

Please stop buy once in a while to check out upcoming events, sales, promotions, and just to see what the Hollywood Craft Mafia Gals are up to!

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