Monday, February 1, 2010

With Sugar On Top - Featured Vendor

WithSugarOnTop was created by a little sweet Panda named, Amanda who lives inside of a bright pink cupcake with tons and tons of sugar on top. All day and all night she thinks about making the world just a bit sweeter! After baking batches and batches of cupcakes, she puts down her spatula just long enough to fire up her sewing machine, hot glue gun and sometimes computer to throw together an idea she has been dreaming about all day. Sometimes her creations need a bit more time in the oven but often she creates something just right, with just the amount of sugar that she has to offer it up for the whole world to buy! In addition to creating stuff and running this site she also.... decorates cookies and cupcakes regularly, has a collection of vintage rhinestone jewelry, ice skates on Thursdays, collects vintage holiday items, has lots of girly tattoos, likes soft serve ice cream with sprinkles and anything that sparkles!

Amanda is also the creator and head rocker of the Indie Craft Show, Stitch Rock!

***STITCH ROCK 2010***
Stitch Rock is an annual indie craft fair and bazaar bringing back old school crafting techniques with new school flare! Full of Handmade crafts and unique products like D.I.Y fashion, funky home deco items, natural bath and body goodies, vintage finds, hot rod paintings, pin up photography, and much more!

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