Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Odd Duck Bazaar is THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It would have been nice to mention that there is a fee to enter the Odd Duck Bazaar. It is not mentioned on the website, nor on any of the promotional material, Facebook, etc. It is just a bit annoying to plan to attend an event and invite all of your friends to go, just to show up and be informed that you have to pay to enter. Unfortunately, some of my guests were turned away at the door due to their inability to pay the fee. I understand if you want to charge a cover, but it is just good business practice and common courtesy to let people know in advance! Thank you!

DragonflyCrafts said...


Follow the link to the flier that was posted all over facebook, the blog, myspace, distributed all over South Florida in flier and poster form. If you read through everything on the flier, you will find it does state the $5 admission. It is either printed at the bottom, under the date, or on some of the fliers, it is written in the top right corner.

I am very sorry you did not see this before hand.

Anonymous said...


Well, I guess in this case, consistency may be the key. I received an invite from here:

and then went to the website here to get more information:

Never saw the fliers you had listed. Too bad. Seems like it was a great event! Sorry to have missed it! I just didn't feel right going in and leaving some friends outside. I'll come to the next one, just better prepared and informed now. Thanks!