Friday, July 9, 2010

Join the Hollywood Craft Mafia for a Movie Night in Fort Lauderdale

Awhile back, the Hollywood Craft Mafia girls got together for a movie night in one of our member's living room.  We had snacks and relaxed on her big comfy couch to watch this fantastic documentary about the Indie Craft 'Scene' called "Handmade Nation".  We had such a great time.  No work, no planning for future events.  Just enjoyed a night together.
BUT... being the planners and big thinkers that we are, we couldn't resist but to plan a night to do it again, but this time... invite everyone.  The whole idea of being a part of the Craft Mafia is to spread the craft love, so that is exactly what we did.  We teamed up with a great little independent local coffee shop for a free movie night.  Just show up, enjoy the movie and some free popcorn. 
Brew Cafe is, of course, open for business and the Craft Mafia girls and I will have some of our handcrafts on display for sale as well so if you are just dying to spend some money, there will be ways to do that.

So, we'll see you there tomorrow night at 8...

Brew Urban Cafe - Victoria Park
638 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33304

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Susan DeGregory said...

Hello Crafters - I have a vending opportunity to share with all of you - the Legendary Tobacco Road will be holding it's 2nd. Annual Downtown Pop Festival this coming Saturday July 17th.! Space is only $50.00 which Includes Electricity (it's an evening event) and a Block of Comp Tickets Per Vendor for you to give away or sell if you like(Six Tickets per Vendor - a $60.00 Value!!). Booths can be shared by Multiple Vendors - get Together and Share a Booth - Have some fun and Hear Some Great Music! Call Susan To Reserve A space @ 443-235-7236 - See The Lineup Info Here: