Monday, May 2, 2011

Changes in the Mafia

Dear Handmade Community,

This is not a "Dear John" letter, just a little note to let you know that things are changing for the Hollywood Craft Mafia. First, let us assure that Shelley and Christine are still manning the helm and planning amazing crafty events and goodness for our community.

However, excited to focus on personal projects, Alexis and Tina are planning to move on to other pastures. It is with a conflicted and heavy heart that they both leave, there has been so much success with the Craft Mafia it's hard to walk away. They both plan on still being involved and supportive of the HCM and the handmade community; Alexis will still help create promo materials from time to time and both will volunteer for HCM crafty events whenever they get the chance.

There will also be other changes. The jam packed calendar we announced in April will be re-evaluated and more information will be announced as it becomes available.

Odd Duck was an overwhelming success and we more than doubled the number of attendees from the year before. The positive feedback we got from patrons and vendors alike made all our hard work very worthwhile. With each one of our events, the Hollywood Craft Mafia has contributed to the growing artisan community in south Florida and that will not change one bit. Thank you for your continued support of all things local and handmade.


Tina / workingirl
Alexis / When Bunnies Fly - / Los Colores -
Shelley / By Shelley Faye - / Kitschy Aprons -
Christine / Belle Adore - 

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PickleDiva said...

Um...nope. I do not approve! Tina and Alexis have to stay put! Just teasing...I just wish I lived closer so I could join the mafia. Good luck Tina and Alexis! See you on the facey space!