Monday, March 12, 2012

Odd Duck countdown

Only 19 more sleeps until Odd Duck!
I'll be quick because I've got a to-do list that is longer than those 19 day. I'm just gonna run down some reasons that you should be shopping at Odd Duck on the 31st.
  1. Handmade rocks! each piece is unique, even if you buy something from a vendor who cranks out dozens of the same product... it is still done by a HUMAN and each piece will have its own tiny differences
  2. Everything you buy will have a story behind it. I love when someone complements me on something that I've purchased in the past at a show. I love to be able to tell a little story about it and it just makes me feel good.
  3. You get to meet & talk to the artist. Maybe learn a little about their process, their vision, etc.
  4. You cut out the middle man. Your money goes to helping support someone directly, even if it isn't their "full-time gig", it helps.
I could go on and on but I'd already mentioned above.... I've got stuff to do! See you on the 31st

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