Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 Odd Duck vendors have been notified

Sifting through the applicants for Odd Duck is always a big job.  This year we got started extra early and as always, had a huge list of applicants to consider.  The interest in our show has grown every year and sometimes it is just flat out awe inspiring to see how many super talented artists and crafters there are out there that want to participate in our show.  Choosing the vendors is not something we take lightly.  There are many things that we take into consideration.  Among other things, we look at quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, uniqueness, variety, price point, and the ability to promote the show.  Christine and I both, independently took the time to review each and every applicant and then discussed each one and came to a decision together.  This is something that we have been chipping away at since we opened the applications back in August of 2013!  
Who's in?  Who's not?  
Christine is updating our website, continually adding vendors who we call our "official Odd Ducks".  These are the vendors who have been accepted and have locked in their commitment to our show with their booth fee payments.  You can find that page HERE.  We like to put them up as early as we can so that our shoppers (you!), can get a preview of what they may find at our show.  Our un-official Odd Ducks will be added to the list as they become official so check back often.  We also have a list of alternate vendors who will fill spots of any cancellations that may come up.  
It is always hard to tell folks who we just couldn't fit into the show that they didn't make the cut, but I notified those folks this morning.  Being a handcrafter myself, that is the worst part of this job.  There have been shows that I've applied to in the past that I didn't get into so I know how it feels.  We put our heart & soul into our crafts and it is really hard to separate the "just business" part of it.  
We are so excited about this show and although our to-do lists as producers are still long... we are READY!
See you March 29th and 30th!


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