Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pearl Art and Craft Supply

Pearl was the first craft store I ever explored as a child. Its numerous rows of mysterious paints, pens, canvas, and other indefinable items were so captivating to me then, and they still are today. Pearl carries the largest selection of screen printing and block printing supplies in Broward County, as well as a vast array of acrylic, oil pasted, and watercolor paints for the fine artist. If you’re not sure if they have what you need, stop by the store or visit

Pearl is also a great place to host or attend a workshop. The Hollywood Craft Mafia hosted our Etsy Crafty Party there, and more recently, the Fast and Dirty Fabric Printing Workshop. Check with the customer service desk for more info, and be sure to stop by the DIY table Saturday at Odd Duck. There will be a Pearl employee there to help you with your DIY craft and answer any questions you may have about my favorite art & craft supply store! See you at the Duck!!

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