Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trying out the Lapel Stick

I just tried a new product called the Lapel Stick. The description claims it replaces baste stitching, pinning, taping, spray adhesives and stabilizers, and I found this to be accurate. The product comes packaged looking like one of those glue sticks I use with my children during crafting projects, and the consistency of the sticky material also seemed comparable. I used the Label Stick to finish the crown in this blog photo. I found the stick to be very easy to use, and it did indeed replace pre-pinning and ironing during my sewing project. However, I found it a bit awkward to avoid getting stickiness on my fingers while trying to keep the fabric folded within for a neat seam. After making two crowns, I had to wash my hands. Other than that, there was no residue leftover on my crown and if I wasn't telling you now, you'd never know I used it in my project! It is non-toxic, biodegradable, and fragrant free. Not only is it safe for all fabrics and water soluble, but it claims to not gum-up sewing machines either. I liked using the Lapel Stick because it saved me time, so I will definitely keep this in my sewing kit!

You might be wondering why it is called the Lapel Stick. The card insert also promotes using this product for fashion emergencies, fallen hems, gaping buttons, popping collars, slipping straps, and stopping a run in tights or nylons. Although I did not try using it in all these other ways, I have to admit it is a pretty nifty product. Anyway, I just had to share this little discovery and if you have any experience with it, please feel free to respond with your comments.

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